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Nanochip's core technology is high-capacity memory devices built with semiconductor fabrication tools. Nanochips manipulate data on a molecular scale to allow ultra high-density storage.


Head stack die top left
Packaged Nanochip storage system bottom left


Nanochip’s core technology is array atomic probes, moved with Micro-Electrical Mechanical System (‘MEMS’) actuators, combined with ultra-dense, nonvolatile, re-writable media. The process of fabrication is entirely performed by semiconductor fabrication tools in mass production, utilizing silicon wafer substrates. Two wafers containing the "head stack" die on one wafer, and the media on another wafer, are bonded together. This wafer stack is sawed into individual die pairs to form the storage units. Each die pair contains the read/write heads on one die and the other the data storage media. Bit densities of 1 Terabit/in2 are typical. The storage substrate utilizes a proprietary technology, with demonstrated rewrite cycles exceeding 1013.

Nanochip MEMS read/write array

Atomic Probes

Nanochips utilize atomic scale probes of a unique design to interact with the media. These atomic probes enable Nanochips to read and write at ultra high densities exceeding 1 Terabit/in2.



    Atomic probe read/write head

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